Talent mapping

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What Is Talent Mapping?

Talent Mapping will give your business talent intelligence through our global research capabilities.

It is the identification of potential top candidates for your open positions and involves mapping your competitors’ businesses and handing over a list of their talent resources within the specified companies and segments.

Educate us on what you are looking for in a candidate and we will provide you with a list of names, titles, candidate notes, location and online bios.

All names are generated specifically for your business and you may also customize this to your preferences by requesting additional data points.

Our research goes deep and far beyond the usual cookie-cutter approach of traditional agencies. Often mappings are done to determine whether to proceed with outreach and shortlisting.


  • 100% Data Ownership
  • Unlimited Hires
  • List of Names
  • Customised Data Points
  • Market Insight
  • Junior to Mid Level Roles
  • Desk Based Research Only

How Can It Benefit My Business?

Talent Mapping will provide you with the talent intelligence you need to understand how you compare to competitors and how you can stay ahead of the competition. Uncovering critical talent insight will help you get a better overview of the business cultures, companies, skills, and preferred locations of highly desirable candidates, enabling you to adopt a strategic approach to hiring.

Talent Mapping Process




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