Psychometric Testing

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What Is Psychometric Testing?

Psychometric Testing is a scientific process that aims to evaluate a candidate’s behavioural style and mental capabilities.

At Research Partners, we provide Psychometric Testing as an additional service to our usual screening and interview processes. We offer both Personality and Ability / Aptitude Psychometric Assessments, and these tests can be used in combination or individually. All tests can be completed online, thus better fitting into candidates’ schedules and not slowing down interview processes.

When To Use Psychometric Testing?

While Psychometric Testing can be used on any search you choose, it is most commonly used to complement executive searches.

Psychometric Assessments can be introduced at any stage of the hiring process, however, we recommend that the testing process be introduced after the first face-to-face interviews, with the preferred three short-listed candidates being put through for testing. This allows additional information from these tests to be utilized alongside the second stage face-to-face client interviews.


Our qualified testing consultant is registered with the British Psychological Society in Occupational Testing. (BPS OTU: Ability and Personality, formerly known as BPS Level A and Level B). This is the certification to administer and interpret Ability and Personality tests which are in line with BPS standards.

British Psychology Society

We Offer The Following Personality Assessments

Emotional Judgment Inventory™ from the Myers-Briggs® Company

Measures emotional intelligence to help boost performance in the areas of leadership, influencing, negotiation and resilience.

Saville Wave® Entrepreneurial Report

Deep dive to identify leadership potential and detail for improved performance.

Saville Wave® Focus Line Manager Report

For line managers, easy to understand psychometric profile covering competencies, potential and cultural fit.

Saville Wave® On-boarding Report

Positively impacts ROI of new hires with a tailored approach.

Saville Wave® Focus Expert Report

Measures motives, talents, culture fit and competency potential.

TRAIT® Selection Report

Highlights work focused on personality traits and good interview questions.

TRAIT® Competency Insights Report

Measures nine key work competency areas.

We Offer The Following Ability & Aptitude Assessments

CEB's Verify® Range

Used to measure verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning.

Watson Glaser®

A powerful measure designed to test critical thinking in senior professionals.

Saville Swift Executive Aptitude®

Measures critical reasoning, through verbal, numerical and abstract tests.

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