We Love What We Do

We enhance teams and enable businesses to succeed by providing top-notch talent acquisition and retention support.

Founded out of a passion to provide more transparent and cost-effective talent services.

About Research Partners

Co-workers Natalie Heilling, Managing Director and Heidi Kull, Director, Americas, founded Research Partners in 2005, out of a shared passion to provide a more innovative and cost-effective recruitment service. It was apparent that companies were seeking more control over their recruitment processes in terms of how the service was delivered and at what price.

We have strategically recruited our team. We focused on key locations across the globe, which has been driven by client demand to use a single vendor across multiple locations. As a result, over 50% of our work is supporting clients with global research campaigns.

In an industry where so many broken promises are made by vendors, Research Partners became a true partner and put the client and candidate at the centre of everything we do. We believe in building relationships based on loyalty, respect and trust. As a result, many of our client relationships have lasted well over 10 years. Collaboration and empathy are the glue that binds our team to work progressively and allows us to be truly different in the recruitment space. Our forward-thinking aptitude generates creative innovation and a deep-cutting exploration of the needs of our client base. We work intensively to provide a hands-on, analytical and human approach to executive search, talent mapping, pipelining, employee retention and competitive insight.


  • Founded in 2005
  • Woman-Owned
  • No Commission Fees
  • Focus on Value vs Volume
  • Global Capability
  • Dedicated Off-Site Recruiters
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Our Vision & Values

Working Together

We believe in partnership and developing long-lasting relationships based on loyalty, integrity and trust. Communication and collaboration empowers us to help our clients quickly and effectively.

Creative & Inspired

Our employees are our greatest asset, comprised of innovative and hardworking individuals who work vigorously to see beyond processes and adapt to every project on demand with passion and flair. We love what we do!

Equality & Respect

We are all equal. As a business we strive for diversity within the workplace. Our commitment to equality, diversity, opportunity and ethical hiring is our testimony to social and corporate change.